It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a few stand out pieces to display in key rooms of your home or starting an art collection. Buying original art can be (but shouldn’t be) a difficult task.

Here are some tips to help you out…

Research, research, research

It’s probably safer to not buy original art purely on impulse. So research is critical. Visit galleries, exhibitions, art fairs, or open studios to understand what’s available to purchase and better understand what you do like.

Research online through artists or dealers websites, virtual exhibitions and online auctions is also a good move.

Follow artists on social media

The more visual social channels such as Instagram and Pinterest are great places to see up-and-coming young artists work as well as work from more established artists.

Follow artists, dealers and galleries that you like. Search for relevant hashtags. Check out reels and stories.

Figure out who and what you like (and who and what you don’t like).

Establish your budget

Establishing ‘boundaries or ‘rules’ is a good idea. Decide on how much you have to spend or how often you can purchase a piece.

Having a pre-fixed budget will impact where you research and who you follow online. This could save time.

Original art doesn’t need to cost hundreds of thousands or millions. You’ll get more value from recent graduates, younger artists, or new, less well-known artists.

Understand the space that your art will be displayed

The style and type of your property will probably influence the genre of art that you purchase.

The size and shape of your rooms will also likely influence the size and type of art you choose to purchase.

Establishing where you will display a piece before purchasing should help the selection process.

If you’re purchasing paintings or prints, then it’s a good idea to think about framing.

Ask questions

Talk to people. The artists, the gallery owners or people who’ve purchased from the artist previously are great people to speak to. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from more experienced art purchasers.

Talk to the artist.

Consider buying online

There are so many different avenues available from which to buy original art. Recent lockdowns due to the global pandemic have meant that online auctions have increased in popularity.

Don’t be afraid to consider this option.

Buy what YOU like

Once you’ve done your research, followed artists online, set a budget, then buy what you like!

Your art collection might reflect your personality? It could increase your mood, or inspire you, or remind you of a person or place?

If you’re buying art to display in your home, then you’ll want to enjoy it every day!

Enjoy buying original art!